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Rêve differentiates itself from other cycling studios by offering hour-long Tone & Trim classes. This class is not connected to the cycling class, but rather allows people to come in and reconnect with their body in a full-body workout in our yoga room.

We have a limited number of mats to rent for $1, but we encourage you to bring your own. We provide blocks, straps, and balls.

Tone & Trim

A 50 to 60-minute, full-body workout that consists of small-controlled movements, isometric holds and functional cardio intervals working muscles to fatigue to develop tone, definition and endurance. A range of different props, light dumbbells and a yoga mat are used in each class to challenge the body and engage the mind. Round out the experience with a deep stretch which will leave you feeling balanced and centered.

Dream Yoga    Reve Cycling Sturdio   Portland, Maine

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